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班级 姓名 座号 评分 c3z试题试卷网

听力部分 30分)c3z试题试卷网


( ) 1. A. park B. path C. porkc3z试题试卷网

( ) 2. A. mutton B. mirror C. mountainc3z试题试卷网

( ) 3. A. read B. river C. roadc3z试题试卷网

( ) 4. A. bathroom B. bedroom C. bridgec3z试题试卷网

( ) 5. A. closet B. clothes C. cloudc3z试题试卷网

( ) 6. A. strict B. smart C. activec3z试题试卷网

( ) 7. A. green beans B. grape C. grassc3z试题试卷网

( ) 8. A. sweet B. fresh C. saltyc3z试题试卷网

二、听录音,判断下图是否与录音内容相符,相符的打“√”,不相符的打 ×”。(5分)c3z试题试卷网

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.c3z试题试卷网





( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )c3z试题试卷网


( ) 1. A. That’s right. B. That’s great! C. That sounds good.c3z试题试卷网

( ) 2. A. Yes, he can. B. No, she can’t. C. No, I can’t.c3z试题试卷网

( ) 3. A. The closet is in the room. B. There’s a closet in the room.c3z试题试卷网

C. It’s a closet.c3z试题试卷网

( ) 4. A. Yes, she’s tall. B. She’s short and thin.c3z试题试卷网

C. She’s an English teacher.c3z试题试卷网

( ) 5. A. Yes, there is. B. Yes, it is. C. Yes, they are.c3z试题试卷网

( ) 6. A. I’d like some pears. B. I have green beans.c3z试题试卷网

C. I’d like some tomatoes and mutton.c3z试题试卷网

( ) 7. A. It’s on the desk. B. It’s under the bed. c3z试题试卷网

C. It’s in the closet.c3z试题试卷网


Hello! My name is Chen Jie. I’m from . I’m ten year’s old. I’m ________ and thin. I’m very active. I like , because I can have ________that day. are my favourite. I often eat them . At home I often help my mother do housework. I can wash the and _______ the floor. There are many _______ in my home. I often water them in the morning. Dad and mommy say I’m a girl.c3z试题试卷网

笔试部分 70分)c3z试题试卷网


1. A. says B. play C. today D. Mayc3z试题试卷网

2. A. hear B. bear C. near D. deerc3z试题试卷网

3. A. fly B. spy C. try D. saltyc3z试题试卷网

4. A. mouth B. this C. thank D. thinc3z试题试卷网

5. A. whale B. whose C. why D. whitec3z试题试卷网

( ) 6. A. pain B. tail C. rain D. mountainc3z试题试卷网


1A. strong B. tall C. thin D. quietc3z试题试卷网

2A. twelve B. thirty C. third D. twentyc3z试题试卷网

3A. sick B. fever C. headache D. toothachec3z试题试卷网

4A. Mar. B. Sun. C. Mon. D. Fri.c3z试题试卷网

5A. play Blook Cwatch Dclockc3z试题试卷网

用括号中单词的适当形式填空9分) c3z试题试卷网

1. Please come to my           (twelve) birthday party.c3z试题试卷网

2.           (Sarah) home is east of the post office.c3z试题试卷网

3. I'm going to buy some            (book) about plants.c3z试题试卷网

4. They are going at 4           (clock).c3z试题试卷网

5. Look! There _______ (be) some fish in the plate.c3z试题试卷网

6. This box is ______heavy. But that one is ______heavy than this one .c3z试题试卷网

7. Thanks for (tell) me the good news.c3z试题试卷网

8. Amy (go) to school at seven every day.c3z试题试卷网


1My bag is heavier than ________.c3z试题试卷网

Ayou Byour Cyours c3z试题试卷网

2Its 8:00. Its time ________ get up.c3z试题试卷网

Afor Bat Cto c3z试题试卷网

3Tom is six years than me.c3z试题试卷网

A old B older C bigger c3z试题试卷网

4Could I have some drink ___________ .c3z试题试卷网

AYes , you could . BSure CNo, thanks .c3z试题试卷网

5What do you have _________ lunchc3z试题试卷网

Aat Bof Cfor c3z试题试卷网

6 Sarah’s hair is short. My hair is , too.c3z试题试卷网

Ashort Bshorter Cshortest c3z试题试卷网

7Chen Jie is _____ Chinese.c3z试题试卷网

Aa Bthe C/(不填) c3z试题试卷网

8 The monkey’s tail is long. The dinosaur’s tail is .c3z试题试卷网

Along Blonger Clongest c3z试题试卷网

9My parents often ______ shopping on Sundays, but my brother usually ______ his homework.c3z试题试卷网

Agoes does Bgo do Cgo does c3z试题试卷网

10 There are _________ apples in the basket.c3z试题试卷网

Aany Bmany Cmuchc3z试题试卷网

11My uncle is two years ______ than me .c3z试题试卷网

Aheavier Btaller Colder c3z试题试卷网

12Sarah has a cat and _____________name is Mumu.c3z试题试卷网

Ait’s Btheir Citsc3z试题试卷网


1 What day is it today? It’s . c3z试题试卷网

2What do you on Wednesdays? c3z试题试卷网

W e have and . c3z试题试卷网

I like Wednesdays. c3z试题试卷网

3Tom’s teacher is strict but (和蔼).c3z试题试卷网

4 Mr Carter is our teacher.c3z试题试卷网

His class is so much (有趣).c3z试题试卷网

5 Who is ()? Your father or your mother?c3z试题试卷网

6 There ________ a plane __________ the desk.c3z试题试卷网


Hello! I am Tom. Today is the 5th of March. It’s my birthday. I get a lot of presents from my friends and family. They are in nice boxes.c3z试题试卷网
My father gives me a yellow box and there is a book in it. Jack, one of my friends, gives me a long box. What’s in it? It’s an umbrella. My sister gives me a round box. I think it’s a big cake, but it is a basketball. I like playing basketball very much, it is my hobby. So I’m happy to have it.c3z试题试卷网
  Now, my friends are singing the song “Happy Birthday to you” to me. I am so happy today!


(  ) 1. Tom’s birthday is March 5th.c3z试题试卷网

(  ) 2. Tom gets many presents on his birthday.c3z试题试卷网

(  ) 3. Tom’s sister gives Tom a big cake as a birthday present.c3z试题试卷网
(  ) 4. Jack is Tom’s friend.


1. How does Tom feel on his birthday? 2. What’s in the long box? 3. What’s in the yellow box? 4. What’s Tom’s hobby? c3z试题试卷网


My Good Friend 为题写一篇小短文,短文不少于8句。c3z试题试卷网


1、谁是我的好朋友。 2、他/她的外貌、性格。 c3z试题试卷网


My Good Friendc3z试题试卷网













5 5 c3z试题试卷网





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