1.( ) A. answer B. cooking C. washing D. cleaningzHt试题试卷网

2.( ) A. listen to music B. read a book C. watch TV D. playing sportszHt试题试卷网

3.( ) A. how B. what C. which D. watchzHt试题试卷网

4.( ) A. bread B. lunch C. dinner D. breakfastzHt试题试卷网

5.( ) A. go B. see C. dish D. playzHt试题试卷网

6.( ) A. go hiking B. visit grandparents C. go shopping D. eat breakfastzHt试题试卷网

7.( ) A. write B. picture C. draw D. listenzHt试题试卷网

8.( ) A. watch TV B. at noon C: do homework D. climb mountainszHt试题试卷网


. 选择,并将序号写在括号里。zHt试题试卷网

1 I am ________ a picture.zHt试题试卷网

Adraw Bdrawing CdrawwingzHt试题试卷网

2 When do you watch TV?zHt试题试卷网

I usually watch TV ______seven o’clock.zHt试题试卷网

Ain Bon CatzHt试题试卷网

3 My grandma likes _________ the room.zHt试题试卷网

Aclean Bcleaning CcleanszHt试题试卷网

4 Can I ____to your mom ,please?zHt试题试卷网

Aspeaking Bspeak CspeakszHt试题试卷网

5 What are you doing? ---_____________zHt试题试卷网

AI am read a book. BI’m doing homework. CI’m a student.zHt试题试卷网

6 Are you writing a letter? Yes,_______zHt试题试卷网

AI am. Byou are Cit iszHt试题试卷网

7 Man: Hello. zHt试题试卷网

Mike: Hello._____ Mike. Can I speak to John, please?zHt试题试卷网

AMy name is BThis is CI’mzHt试题试卷网

8 What is your mother doing?_____________cooking dinner.zHt试题试卷网

Ashe is BHe is CShe iszHt试题试卷网

9、( ________________________________ I’m writing an e-mail.zHt试题试卷网

AAre you writing an e-mail? BWhat are you doing? zHt试题试卷网

CWhere are you?zHt试题试卷网

10 Is your dad reading a book?______________zHt试题试卷网

AYes, she is. BNo, he isn’t. CNo he is.zHt试题试卷网



( ) 1.What do you do on the weekend? A: Sure, hold on please.zHt试题试卷网

( ) 2.What are you doing? B: She is cooking dinner. zHt试题试卷网

( ) 3.What is your father doing? C:I’m speaking to you.zHt试题试卷网

( ) 4.What is your grandma doing? D: Thank you.zHt试题试卷网

( ) 5.Can I speak to your mother, please? E: He’s reading a newspaper.zHt试题试卷网

( ) 6.There is a call for you! F: I play the piano and watch TV.zHt试题试卷网



1what doing you are ?zHt试题试卷网


2 cooking My is dinner mother zHt试题试卷网


3speak mom to I Can your please ? zHt试题试卷网


4an e-mail He in is writing study the study .zHt试题试卷网




Tom: Hello.zHt试题试卷网

Amy: Hello. This is Amy.zHt试题试卷网

Tom: Hi, Amy. It’s Tom. zHt试题试卷网

Amy: What are you doing?zHt试题试卷网

Tom: I’m____________(画画). What about you?zHt试题试卷网

Amy: I’m___________(打电话).zHt试题试卷网

Tom: Come on, Amy, What are you doing?zHt试题试卷网

Amy: I’m ____________(打扫房间).zHt试题试卷网

Tom: Can I speak to your brother, Teddy, please?zHt试题试卷网

Amy: He’s ___________(做家庭作业).Please hold on.zHt试题试卷网

Tom: Thank you.zHt试题试卷网


. 阅读理解。zHt试题试卷网

My name is Tim. I’m a student in Class Two, Grade Five. I am twelve. Now let me tell you something about my family. My father is a doctor. He is writing an e-mail in the study. My mother a is a teacher in a middle school. She is cooking dinner in the kitchen. What am I doing? I am doing my homework, today is Friday, We have a lot of homework to do. After homework, I will play the piano. I like playing the piano very much.zHt试题试卷网

( ) 1Tim is a student in Class Five, Grade Two.zHt试题试卷网

( )2Tim’s father is a doctor. He is writing an e-mail .zHt试题试卷网

( )3Tim’s mother is a teacher. She is washing clothes.zHt试题试卷网

( )4Tim is playing the piano.zHt试题试卷网

( )5Tim likes playing the piano.zHt试题试卷网







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